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On August 08, 2014, independent developer INSIDE SYSTEM released Majin Shoujo (魔神少女) on the Nintendo 3DS, which would later be localized under the title The Legend of Dark Witch. This action-platformer mixes the jump-n-shoot action of Mega Man, on-the-fly upgrades akin to Gradius, and a colorful cast of characters inspired by the likes of Touhou into a unique blend of frenetic fun. The game very quickly gained a following of diehard fans, and their ranks increase with each new entry. This wiki aims to be the #1 English-language source of information on this rapidly-growing franchise.

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  • The Legend of Dark Witch series celebrates its 5th Anniversary and a new game with an unknown title will release this Fall!
  • Brave Dungeon: Seigi no Imi announced for Nintendo Switch and Steam!
  • The Legend of Dark Witch Wiki was established on July 30, 2017, in hopes of organizing information for fellow international Dark Witch fans!

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